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Monster Exterminator Spray Spray- Fan-Mister 
Monster eXterminator Products
All our products are approved by the Federal Association Against Bad Monsters (FAABM). 

The Deluxe Spray Misting Fan will Spray, Mist, and Fan your Monster Spray all around your room, house, or yard.   Comes in assorted colors.  

"During a time of great fear and conflict, Old Wise Monsters went in search of a means to prevent monsters, who have turned evil, from attacking and changing the good monsters of the village. In their search they came upon five dragons that agreed to help the Old Wise Monsters to find a solution to their suffering. Each dragon shared with the Old Wise Monsters their essence which in turn were turned into potions. With the help of the dragons, the Old Wise Monsters were able to help keep evil monsters away, as well as bring back the good in the monsters that were turned evil. To prevent the evil monsters from getting their hands on this magical and potent potion, the Dragons gave the Old Wise Monsters five colored bottles with their own magical properties to help enhance the power of the potion as well as to prevent the evil monsters from finding the potions that kept them at bay. It has been this very trick that has kept this centuries old potion from falling into the wrong hands." 

It is for this reason that the monster spray that you order will arrive in a random color based on the Old Wise Monster and Dragon who created its special magic.  

Below is the Key to the different colors you can potentially receive:

Dark Blue: Dragon with the power Invincibility
Purple: Dragon with the power of Wisdom
Teal: Dragon that rules over Fearlessness
Raspberry: Dragon that commands over Fire
Grey: Dragon that inspires Strength

Sprayer comes with a fan that allows you to fan the spray thereby creating a mist.  The mist allows you to more evenly spray the Monster Exterminator product.  You can also choose to turn off the fan and use the trigger to spray.   It will provide protections  for up  to 2,000 Feet.

Squeeze Trigger Spray to Mist bottle requires  Two double AA batteries not included.  Not for use by people under the age of 3 because of the small parts relating to the fan.

If you have any questions or would like more information use the Contact Us page.
​Keep Monsters Away!!! 
Use this Spray!!!

The squeeze trigger gives you the option to  to Spray, Fan, or Mist your monster worries away! Fan allows you to reach more areas of your room, house, or yard.

Batteries no included : Two Double AA batteries required. 
​Random Color
See Use and Care for instructions.

Thank you for your intereset in Monster Exterminator. Please Contact your local retailer and ask for Monster Exterminator Spray. 

Monster Exterminator products are Organic and contain Magical Properties.